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After watching my video you will be able to easily manage the techniques by yourself


If you have a partner you can enlist their aid in applying the principles taught. (They will want you to!)


If you sleep within earshot of others in a group you know how embarrassing Sleep Apnea can be.  My techniques learned in a few minutes can make a huge difference in your life.

Hello! I’m Nasser

My Story

After being diagnosed with sleep apnea by my GP I was rushed to a private clinic for sleep study because I didn’t want to wait in a long queue for a public hospital assessment.  It was all done and over with in no time, two sessions of asleep study which rated me as having a severe form of sleep apnea.  Anyway, after that and over $8,000 later I came home with the latest model of CPAP machine and very excited….. Today that CPAP machine is sitting in my garage.


The CPAP machine is now sitting in my garage not only because of the problems associated with it but also because I don’t need it anymore, I’ll tell you why…

I started learning some of the problems associated with the CPAP machine from week one. First of all it is intrusive!  Then there’s leakage, condensation, getting wet face, you name it.  They all added up to my conclusion that it’s just too impractical.  Not mentioning that it won’t work when having a blocked nose or using a half face mask which I used. Even having a clear nose at the time of going to bed, you can still get a blocked nose half way through the night.  This could be due to room temperature change throughout the night for various reasons, and the CPAP machine stops it’s intended functionality from then on.  Nevertheless I persevered with it for a year and a half.

I was also suffering from the associated problems of sleep deprivation.  I had difficulty concentrating in my day job – or even on things I wanted to do for pleasure and relaxation.  All this led also to depression. 

There had to be a better way.  I started experimenting on myself, trying all sorts of different methods I found online.  Nothing worked.  Then I thought about it logically, considered the physiology of breathing, and finally after about 2 years of constant trial and error I hit upon the solution.  Besides the bed, it just used two items that are in every home, and it was virtually free!

I was pretty excited about that as you can imagine!  EVERYBODY will want to know about this I thought.  But…

The largest sleep apnea group website blocked my access within days of posting my information to the group members. Why?  My wildest guess would be perhaps because they only set up the website to sell their products to members, not to helping the sufferers.
SIDE NOTE: If you are a member of that group website or any other sleep apnea group, please post this information, as all sufferers deserve improving their health and life.

I’ve made a video to demonstrate the simple remedy which I have discovered.  It gave me relief from sleep apnea and I’d like to put my remedy out there so others who are still suffering can benefit from it.

Now I’m living my life medication free after some eleven years of being on maximum dosage of medication for depression associated with sleep apnea-generated sleep deprivation, and also have no longer any issues whatsoever being able to fully concentrate. 

As I see it myself, making this video would have been impossible for me back then, as I would forget to say every second word I wanted to say.  In those days even reading from my script would not have been be easy, as it was impossible to concentrate keeping my eyes on the same line where I was reading.

So here is my website with a short video where I explain and demonstrate my remedy.  And for that I’m asking just $10 contribution to go towards the educational effort to hopefully reach as many sufferers as possible.  It’s a small contribution, not a payment for services, so there are no refunds or guarantees.  I’m sure most people are OK with that, but if you are not, please don’t make the contribution.

Worked for Me

Train your brain

Over time the brain can be “trained” by reinforcing new pathways via repetition.  This means that consistency and persistence in using the techniques I teach in my video will probably not work a cure tonight.  But in a little as a few days sleep apnea sufferers can finally get the refreshing sleep you crave.

Getting Started is Easy


Total Privacy

No more wrestling with machines and hoses and masks

No need for an Appointment

The techniques taught in my video can be applied by young and old with no further input than what you learn in ten minutes

1st Session Tonight!

besides a bed, there are only 2 items of “equipment” you will need, and I can guarantee you already have them in your home.

My Approach

Extensive observation and tweaking over several years led me to the simple technique I demonstrate clearly in the video.  I want to save you the time and effort by making this training available for a very modest one-time contribution to assist with spreading the word.

If you wish to make an additional contribution to cover costs for this website and other relevant outlays, you may want to make a donation.

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