About Me

I live and work in the south Pacific paradise island nation of Vanuatu 

Hello! I’m Nasser

I was born in the middle East, and spent many years in Australia before moving to Vanuatu.  My “real job” is Project Manager for building construction and other larger projects.

I was first diagnosed with asleep apnea in 2007 and I’m now 62 years of age. Had sleep studies done at a private clinic and was rated as severe form of central apnea. Persevered using CPAP machine for about a year and a half till I finally gave up on it as it didn’t serve its intended purpose for me. Started quest for alternative, for couple of years, then discovered a Remedy, by the right way to sleep at night that overcomes asleep apnea. Now I like to put it out there for every one who could and would benefit from it.

I live just outside of Port Vila, Vanuatu.  Right on the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean, here…


The outside is roofed and clad in a traditional local material, “Natangora” made from the leaves of the Natangora palm.  The inside, however, has all the modern conveniences.  As I live just metres from the beach, I enjoy walking my dogs and swimming.  Now I have overcome the energy-sucking sleep apnea, I enjoy life to the full in my island paradise.


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(678) 550 3015

Narpow Point, via Port Vila, Vanuatu